Monday, December 3, 2007


I have to start off with a bit of bragging! This is Izabella Lafferty Chesson, the artist! and her winning self-portrait, isn't it amazing? We are all very proud of Bella, she is very bright and creative. This painting was one of a few displayed during the North Carolina State Fair and someone was interested in buying it!

Now, our home is a "work-in-progress" After getting the carpets cleaned we were able to begin the decorating process....Saturday morning Paul set up the trees.......

He also brought down all the Snow Village, which I un-boxed and began the process of "creating my little world". The space is tight and remember, I have two new ebay purchased pieces to incorporate this year!

I worked for about 4 hours on the display....not quite ready yet...but soon.

Our Christmas Westie, Fearless Fiona!

It is officially Christmas-time in our world! Paul sang in the community Messiah last night, his 15th year, an excellent presentation which is so grand and majestic. Those glorious voices singing the holy scripture to declare God's Grace and Love for mankind..."For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son".....Very powerful after all these years. The Halleluiah Chorus is, of course, the crowning moment, but then this choir adds the Amen, it is heavenly...and I remember that Jesus is God's Amen, and the reason for the season.

My December calendar is filling up with fun things to do....and still I am working on the house to make it warm, cozy, inviting and filled with the holiday spirit!

Plan on beginning my baking this week also. Have several traditional cookies I bake, and a couple of new recipes I am thinking about trying. You may have already seen this sight, but if not, it is a great place to visit for lots of cookie, candy and cake recipes .
Hope you are having fun "Christmatizing" your home....It is always a great idea to invite someone over, that motivates you into cleaning a bit and also decorating, plus you are sharing and being hospitible in the process! A good thing!!!
Now, on to begin my day, hope yours is a good one also

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