Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

Hello friends,
Another year has come and gone. I will not take a walk down memory lane, bet you're relieved! We have taken down all the Christmas decor, a very big job, and the house is almost back to it's pre-holiday status. Dh and I will be staying in tonight watching Season 3 of LOST....non-stop! I have a couple of lovely little tenderloin filets, 2 great baking potatoes, salad fixings and a bottle of merlot.....what more could you ask for???
As it is the last day of the year, I need to do a bit of "house" cleaning. I was "tagged" a week or so ago and have not responded due to the busy time of year, but really do want to respond as this is my very first time ever to be tagged!!! Way cool, thank you for thinking of me Chaya from kosherwhine and here are my 7 "memes"

1. My aunt Elaine saved my life while still in the hospital nursery she noticed I was turning blue and quickly got a nurse. A close call, thanks always to her quick action.
2. I am a talker. It is my "gift". I can talk anywhere, anytime, about most anything. In the past couple of years I finally figured out I could get paid to talk. THRILLING.
3. My father actually was going to pay me NOT to talk back when I was 13 or so....I went 3 of the 7 days he bet me I wouldn't talk...but broke my silence quite accidentally.
4. I am not jealous of folks with big cars, home, or diamonds....but if you are traveling somewhere, I envy you big time. I love to travel.
5. I married an Air Force man and we spent almost 25 years traveling....what a life!
6. I love people, they are so interesting and complicated and vulnerable. I was fortunate to own a tea room for a while and during that time I was able to really love all kinds of folks and found that God would bring in the most amazing people into my shop for me to be friendly with or serve or just listen to them.
7. I love God.
I worked with a very nice woman for several years and all that while she assumed I was something I was not....when she found that her assumptions were incorrect she was totally astounded! I am a stealth conservative -Republican -Baptist! I don't mind she was confused on those counts, guess I am not the "typical" prototype protrayed by the thing I did think about tho was....I don't want to be a stealth Christian....I want you to know, not the "in-your-face" way, just the soft loving gentle way....
Happy New year
God bless

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