Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmatize Day 2

A festive serving tray says it all!
I simply could not pass up this wonderful gift bag from none other than the DOLLAR TREE! This is the great room tree. Full of gold and cream and soft green and pink, pretty much.

A lovely angel. After seeing the Angel tree at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, I fell in love with those wonderful baroque angels, so am always on the look-out for similar styles, have asked them to sell reproductions, but so far haven't heard that they do....a moneymaker, in my opinion.

A delightful westie ornament, not too cutsie.

Thought this came out well...seems large glass containers are all the rage. I am on the bandwagon big time...bought 3 apothecary jars and have filled them, you will see.....

Happy Thursday once again friends,
This has been a fast week....Just about finished with the Christmas decorating, haven't even begun the baking....soon....anyway, I will just eat it, so better for me to procrastinate on that (smile). Hermits, sugar cookies and fudge are a must. Anything else is icing!
The weekend promises to be packed full of fun things to do...this Friday evening is our "Tot" night with all our grands. Eight children pile onto Santa's lap at the Mall and we have our photo! Have been doing this every year since Woody and Breana (our 1st two grandchildren who are now 14) were brand new babies (born in Sept. and Oct. right before Christmas!)Breana asked me when would we stop taking the pictures and I told her "When I am dead" there will be lots of tot nights in our future. I try to get them something "holiday-ish" to wear, for the girls it is easy, the guys not so....this year the girls get great long-sleeved t-shirts from Target with cute hearts out of candycanes but the guys get just boring green t-shirts. Think I might look for a fun scarf for them to wear around their necks. We eat out and then this year we are going to see a play: "The best Christmas Pageant Ever"...should be fun. We have gone to movies, plays, saw the Polar Express at Imax one year, well, we try to do something fun for all, with ages 14-2 it isn't easy and actually baby Sophia (the 2 year ole) will not go with us....but Olivia (age 3, and very mature and well-behaved for 3) will go this year!
Then Saturday morning we head out for another Christmas parade in Holly Springs, Camryn will be marching in the parade with her Middle School Band. Afterwards, we will meet over at Matt and Jacki's home for a craft afternoon....tons of good stuff to make (will show some photos maybe). Then Sunday, after church, we head to historic Oakwood neighborhood in Raleigh for their Christmas tour. *whew* I am pooped thinking about it, but it will be FUN!