Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmatizing part two?

Family attends Woody's Winter band concert
Sophia and Olivia were both in their pre-school Christmas Production, which was wonderful!!!

And....Zion's school presented Christmas Around the World!

Hello friends,
It is almost 11:30pm Monday night....I have been baking tea bread at a friends home with several other friends..made delish pumpkin-apple-orange tea bread. Think I might serve some at the virtual home tour Wednesday should be very good with either Nutcracker Sweet Tea or mulled cider---you choose! I decided I had better do a bit of blogging since I have been a bit lax. Just one short week ago our temps were pushing 80 here in NC....not today, we were cold and blustery. Much more like it if you ask me, but is a shock!
As you can see from above, I have been busy attending a miriad of excellent performances! Still have Jazmine and Camryn's orchestra and band performance tomorrow and of course we also must celebrate our daughter Amy's birthday! Born the 18th of December, Amy's birth gave me new insight on what Mary must have been going through...only I was in a top notch hospital with family and friends around me.
So, tomorrow we will gather for lovely music and then make some birthday music of our own for Amy K!!! and eat some "Once in a Blue Moon" bakery cake!!!
I will also begin taking the photos for the "tour". I am a bit intimidated by those participating as they seem very accomplished at blogging and I am a relative "newbe". But, everyone in genuinely kind and hopefully will at least indulge my ineptness....(is that a word?)
Well, Floretta, at least I posted something new....(smile) thanks to all who check in with me, it is very nice to know you are out there!

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Chaya Bluma said...

That tea bread does sound delicious! I've become completely addicted to Indian Spiced Chai - tea bread would probably go great with it. Good luck with your daughter's birthday and the virtual home tour. It sounds like loads of fun!

I wanted to let you know I tagged you on my site. Come take a look!

Have a merry Christmas!