Saturday, December 22, 2007

Two Days and Counting...

Hello Friends,
Today is the 22nd of December...just two more shopping days to go! I love it when we have husband and I....that we are officially finished shopping! We put an end to the trips to the mall, to the book store, to Target...I am even done with groceries for a couple of days! We do need to pick up some champagne and our turkey. THAT'S IT. There is a point you must hit whereby all shopping must end, we have arrived. There is nothing more we can is up to Santa. With 8 grandchildren, 5 adult children and spouses, well our immediate family is a challange. I mean, what do you do??? I can't afford to buy silly things that go unused or unwanted....I hate the thought of adding to someone else's clutter (altho my son and daughter-in-law have a very nice big home so hope they won't mind we got our youngest grands a bit of childish clutter.....) Anywhooooo, won't let the cat out of the bag here, but suffice to say, we tried to gift responsibly and bank on good memories that will last a lifetime...long after the walkman is gone or say the Wii (is that how you spell it?). I love Christmas time, but gifts are low on my list...I enjoyed the Bunco party, our Tot night, the Messiah, Home tours and crafts with our family and dressing the house up was such fun! I love driving around and oooing and ahhing over everyone's lights (is it me, or is everyone decorating their homes outside this year???? it is wonderful !) I love that Merry Christmas is back in style and everyone is making a point of saying it!
I baked more pumpkin bread today along with a batch of fudge and made up a batch of Martha Stewart's Sugar cookies and the best icing to decorate them tomorrow....
No snow here, it is getting cold outside, but dry. My family in Kansas City is getting some bad weather...a white Christmas for them, looks like. Good to be inside and warm, listening to some lovely music and enjoying the Christmatized home!

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