Friday, February 1, 2008


Eat your heart....out! I got inspiration from Country Living Magazine, the grands had a ball decorating these cupcakes.

Finished products

These were not easy to figure out how to transport home, but, all is well, they are ready to go!

My daughter Sarah is homeschooling her 3 children this semester. I try to do some fun thing with them once a week. Today they came for chili and a Valentine craft-a-thon. They are all very creative. I love doing it, but must admit I get a bit tense with a mess, that and these kids can find the most expensive items in my craft basket and use them all up.....leaving the cute $1 items behind.....I know, I know, I need to lighten up, right. I did...kind of. Most of the stuff was kind of Zion was left out, but soon we made him a great sign for his room and he made his cousin Woody a great valentine, so he was happy.

OH, that is a cool butterfly he made for his mom's kitchen too!
It was raining cats and dogs when they arrived, but by the time they left, it had turned sunny with clear blue "carolina sky". Gotta love it. I have been making a few things myself and will have some photos to post shortly.

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Joyce Mineer said...

I am so glad to "hear" from you...I'd been checking your blog every day or two to no avail...Looks like you've been very busy! And loads 'o fun, too! Do those cupcakes taste as good as they look? :)