Monday, February 11, 2008


It all started with a "good deal" on a new Singer Sewing Machine!!! I did not intend a purchase, it was "serendipity" pure and simple. I have sewn much in my life, never very well , but always with good intentions and some outcomes that were better than others. While living overseas I made Easter clothes for my very young children which turned out very well....and I did some sewing for the ideas for sewing are HUGE, there is so much out there by way of home deor that I am falling under the needle's spell.......

I have become a "regular" at JoAnns.....don't hate me! But most of the time I just browse.....there are not alot of places to shop for fabric but that certainly is going to change...I am good at anticipating trends! Just last week I had to buy this lovely little book by Cath is she amazing or what?

Take a peek inside to whet your whistle....some pretty awesome ideas on vintage fabric re-usage!
More stellar ideas! I need to stop the blogging and get to creating!
Then, about a week ago I found this gem and had to bring it home with me for more inspiration!

After a bit more peeking, you may decide you have to have these books too...well try first, they are a great source of "used" and new books at tremendous discounts. Postage is steep, but when you pay pennies for the book, you can splurge on the postage, right? I am starting with lounging pj bottoms, which I LOVE wearing....flannel is so cozy and there are so many choices in prints and so I am making a couple of pairs just to warm up my sewing skills. I will let you know how it goes! I want to make tons of other stuff....easy stuff....not suits or lined jackets or cowboy shirts...I have a dear friend who does all that and it just wears me out. I want fast, easy, cheap and adorable and I want it fast (did I mention that already?)




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