Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So here's the deal.....don't ever have "blog buddies" who live close enough to drop into your home and notice you have been very bad!!!!

Floretta is just one of those kinda, I have to confess and come "clean"

I bought this....

remember when I said I resisted temptation? Well, I went back a week later and caved...big time cuz I also bought this............

So, as you can see....I was very bad....and of course Floretta could you miss an aligator with a heart in his mouth and a king kong cupcake????? with sprinkles, no less.

What else can I say except, they sure are cute!!!

I have gotten out some of my springie things just because our weather is now in the mid, my back porch door is wide open and the fresh breezes are blowing, it is great, but you will see, the leaves are still not budding, altho if this weather continues we are probably going to get some early blooms....daffs are up and beginning to bloom as well as the kwanza cherry trees (really pretty).

This is a "love" sign I made all myself! Maybe it will show up better if you click on the photo for a larger view????

Part of our parlor

A cupboard in our great room

A closeup of the top, looks nice....

Our entryway

So, that's a bit of what is going on here at my place on Arrowhead Way.....

Our power went off and so will "save" this post and log off as I am using up battery power right now...don't know why the power is off.....





Karen said...

Your things looks very "spring-y" and cute! It looks like you've been doing in depth spring cleaning as well. We won't even talk about how it looks around here, with the rain, wind, mud, cold, gray....need I go on?

Joyce Mineer said...

You CRACK me up!!!! Oh, and you were so strong for so long!!!! But they are awfully cute sitting on the sofa, aren't they?!