Thursday, February 14, 2008


Good day to you all!

Love is an easy word to say, a concept we all "think" we grasp, a goal most humans long to attain: To love and be loved.....Some are easier to love than others, why is that? Why do we insist on being so superficial? I love you....warts and all.... thick or thin.....up or or poor....healthy or sick.....young or old.....prosperous or needy....clean or or not very clever at all...good or bad.....short or tall.....obvious or subtle.....more or or immobile...happy or sad....focused or confused.....Are we that committed? Are we that aware? Love is not easy, but the more you practice the more natural it becomes....just like any other habit or skill that we wish to acquire we must develope the heart muscle, give it lots of exercize, do not limit it's abilities or oportunities. We must be sensitive to love's calling and be available to risk ourselves for the sake of love. We have a very good example in the person of Jesus. He is the ultimate lover of mankind. When I consider His love I am so humbled and amazed and just want to ask Him to help me be a little bit more like He is in the way that He loves....not like anything else on this earth, that is for sure!
My wish for you today on this day of love is that you know Jesus and His love for YOU!
Also, maybe a little chocolate and perhaps a card or some other sweet nothing would be nice too.

Here's a big announcement! I sewed up two pairs of flannel lounging pants! My first sewing in over 20 It was fun, took no time at all, turned out really good (I think, they fit, so I am thrilled) and I am jazzed about this sewing thing now......The sun is shinning, my pal Fiona wants a walk in the park, so I am off to walk. Hope your day goes well and that you feel loved.





Joyce Mineer said...

Good morning Cathy! What a beautiful Valentine sentiment...gave me cause for pause...and I did feel loved and hope that I made others feel that way, too. I hope your day was wonderful and that you and Fiona had a fabulous walk - it was a BEAUTIFUL day! I'm wondering...would you be willing to offer very basic sewing classes? I've always had an interest but terrified to attempt it on my own. Just simple things like placements and's okay to say no, though! :) And I LOVE the jammie/lounge pants!!!!!

Karen said...

I am so impressed with your sewing! Some day I am going to learn to quilt. Just not today. I could use some new pj pants though. Maybe I should take up sewing. In my spare time. hee hee.