Friday, February 1, 2008

Mustang Sally

Hello everyone,

Sally is a sweet friend that I met through another friend while they were taking my tea classes way back when I had a tea shop (you can read about that tea shop back in some of my first blog posts). She came to the classes faithfully each month, always pleasant, always participating and so friendly and supportive! She also helped serve tea to the huge crowds at the Mother's Day tea at the Mall....I mean, we had over 400 at the last one! Anyway, our mutual friend Debbie took Sally out for her birthday lunch and celebration and surprised Sally with a 2 hr. loan of a brand new MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE! A dream of Sally's for many years...won't tell you how old Sally turned on her birthday......they dropped by my house for a cup of tea and for me to see the car!
Here's a photo of the table for her little tea. Happy Birthday Sally!





Joyce Mineer said...

How fun does that sound???!!!! Way to think outside the box, Debbie!!!

Karen said...

gorgeous table! (and the car isn't bad either.) What a fun birthday gift.