Thursday, February 28, 2008

March is in sight!

Good day to you all!
Are you beginning to feel like I do, that the month of February has lasted wayyyyyy too long? I mean, it has been 3 weeks since Valentine's day and that was the middle of the month, right? And if it isn't bad enough, we have LEAP DAY. Well tomorrow is up for grabs, once every 4 years, am I correct?
My road trip was interesting and I am glad I went, but not epiphany, no light bulb, no green light. oh well.......................
still waiting.
March has many good things ahead which includes at least 2 real-deal road trips. One with my dh to Myrtle Beach and another with good tea buddies, somewhere, haven't decided that one yet. Also birthdays for my mother and Camryn Lee and Olivia Breen...two of my granddaughters. And of course, St. Patrick's Day Parade and Easter too. So March has many highlights ahead....not to mention spring.
Hope you have some highlights to anticipate in March!

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