Friday, February 29, 2008


Well, I couldn't NOT post, could I??? What do you do with an "extra" day??? I am planning to be outside today, that is one thing! Fiona and I will head to the park very soon, then I have a lunch date with a good friend, then my daughter and her family are moving into a new home today and I will go over to see the house. They are moving into Raleigh in a very cool neighborhood called Cameron Park! They will live in a 1920's craftsman-style bungalow, which is far from small....quite large actually. The weather is sunny, but cool, which is great for moving, thank goodness.
I am glad that I am not moving. I have to admit that I enjoy my home and am very content. I do love to travel and would dearly love to own a camper with a bathroom so we could get out and do some weekend excursions.
So, here I sit, already to head out and yet must wait for a while to hear back from daughter...oh wait, here's the phone...she does not need me this morning, so I am heading out. Taking the camera, so hope to have some photos to share. Enjoy this extra day!

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