Monday, April 28, 2008

April Showers

Good Monday Morning friends,
Already a week has passed....I have been keeping busy. Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me full of fun, creative, positive, talented, generous new "friends" who don't know me at all, but who have made a big impact on my life already! I enjoy Elizabeth who is a contributing editor for Romantic Homes and had lots of input in their new book Vintage Vavoom (which, btw, is excellent!). Now Elizabeth said she was enjoying using burlap in everything everywhere....which gave me an idea....our sofa is a lovely Laura Ashley that is about 12 years old...maybe even a year or so older! I love the floral upholstery but frankly, it is getting pretty worn out even cleaning does not remedy the ravages of time and wear. So, altho I am no upholsterer, and am well aware of my limitations in the field of industrial-type sewing...I decided to attempt a "no-sew" make over for little "Laura".

This "look" is achieved totally without sewing! I used quilting straight pins with the little white balls on the ends...anyway, I used fabric I bought at Walmart. The burlap turns out quite nice actually. I was worried about the smell and shedding....well, it does smell for a day or two and does shed a bit also, but only for those couple of days, then it is quite nice! The toile is great and if you really wanted to splurge, you could do it all in that, but might be way too busy. I covered two cushions in the other toile fabric and show that too...well. I have my summer great room make over all finished!

Thanks to Elizabeth !




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