Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Good Tuesday one and all!
Two posts in a row! Hooray! So, you are perhaps wondering what this photo is????? It is my plan! As you are all aware I am sure...we are in a "recession" with prices of food and transportation rising daily, I mean hourly....it is almost scarry if you stop to really think about it, which I choose not to do except that we have these two really great raised beds in our yard. About 8 years ago I decided to do the Square Foot Garden thing and my sweet husband built me these two coffins for that purpose. It is sooooo easy to work in these guys, but I just frittered away my time and did not do much at all except grow some tomatoes, fairly unsuccessfully and lots of weeds--very successfully! What is growing quite nicely there now in one corner is a very healthy sunflower which I am thrilled about and take as a sign that God hasen't given up on me being a gardner of edibles. I plan to raise lots of very good eats from these two coffins and want you to hold me accountable. I will keep you updated on the "harvest". This weekend is the soil prep and first plantings. I am thrilled. Want to make my own salsa, spaghetti sauce, et al......
Hope you are making a plan to fight this recession in one way or another!

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