Friday, April 18, 2008


Happy Saturday,
I know I am a bit late in posting, sorry. Now, why oh why is this underlining ever word? Can't even see the command for this....oh well....
So, here's what the room looks like that we did the tea class in this past week. It is a "50's" look room, very cool.

This is a view of all my tea necessities! Love this huge cart, make toting all this stuff ever so much easier! (btw, notice no underlining? don't know why, but thanks).

Chris and her daughter Jill were able helpers!

Here's the group of girls getting ready to begin the class. These are 6th grade girls and all were charming, intelligent and polite! We had a good time, I believe.

The "Apronistas!" Ready to being "work"

Some girls made fruit kabobs, others filled phylo cups with chicken salad and garnished with a tomato piece. You can see how intent they are.

A couple of girls set the tea tables which was a difficult assignment because tea tables are not set up like every other kind of eating arrangement. They had a sample to follow and they did a beautiful job!

These girls are making the tea! after some instruction, they did a perfect job! Great work!!!

Garnishing is very important for a tea tray! Both of these girls are true artists! They made each 3-tier server look breathtaking. (we talked about how a tea satisfies all 5 senses and garnishing is a feast for the eyes for sure).

So now we are ready to take off the aprons and have a seat for tea!

Tea parties are the perfect "photo op"



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