Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hello everyone,
I love lists...they keep me focused while they also encourage me to proceed as well as show me where I have been! I NEED LISTS. If I do not have a list somehow whatever I am endeavoring to accomplish developes a problem. Also, if I have a list it is much easier for me to stick to purchasing only what is on said list...if I have no list, my eyes wander...sometimes...when they are wandering, they land on an item I know I should have on a list, any list, FIND ME A LIST! Above is one such item....the great huge conche (faux) shell....

Here is the shell filled with lovely campanella which will bloom all summer long on our back porch. I also love our back porch. Years ago we decided to screen in our exsisting deck and have never regretted the decision, we use the porch 9 months out of the year and the enjoyment it has added to our lives has been way way more than the amount of the project!

These guys hang out on the porch 24/7.

Here's a view from the table in our kitchen/great room/keeping room. Love the way it "opens" up the whole place.

Fiona loves the porch as well...........
The pollen is bad and I have to sweep daily. It gets so thick that it is like ice skating the floor is so slick....but we must tolerate the pollen as it comes with all the glorious spring flowers and shrubs that are such a joy.

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