Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Tea Class

For those of you who do not know it, I am a tea educator...along with all the other titles I go by in my tea journey. I give hands on tea classes to all ages. Tonight, I am doing a tea class for a group of 6th grade girls for their "fun night" at church. In my class, I teach how to make a perfect pot of tea using loose-leaf tea (no tea bag tea here!), I also teach how to make a cucumber sandwich, set the table correctly, garnish a 3-tiered server and then everyone washes their hands, gets an apron on and draws an assignment. I have everything prepared for assembly and the work begins. We make the sandwiches, fruit kabobs, set the table make the tea...and when it is all finished, we take off our aprons and have our tea party! It is alot of fun, very educational and tasty all at once. Our menu for tonight is : Currant Scones with lemon curd, creme friache, strawberry jam. Cucumber sandwiches and chicken salad in philo cups, fruit kabob with whipped dip, Italian cream tea cake, peach tea and English caramel tea. I will take some pictures of the evening and post them tomorrow. For now, I am all set. Will make the scones this afternoon, the tea cakes are done, need to be iced, the cucumbers are sliced and spent the night between absorbant paper towels, the dish-ware is all loaded into the car and I can relax a bit until around 3....need to be at the church by 6, the event begins at 7 and I want to be out of there by 9. (these girls have school tomorrow!).

It is a lovely sunny day. I am headed to the Dollar tree looking for some garden watering cans of some sort to use as centerpieces on the tables....I have plenty of blooming plants and bushes in my yard to fill these containers. You must have fresh flower(s) on your tea table!




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Joyce Mineer said...

Oh...I wish I were in the 6th grade again... Can't WAIT to see the pics. These little ones have no idea the fun they're in for!