Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A lovely surprise

I planted a lilac bush because I love the flowers, their smell and the shape of the leaf...I planted a lilac bush before I learned that lilacs do not do well in North Carolina. I am a woman from the midwest, the "heart" of America, Kansas City, Missouri....where simply everything grows...and grows and grows. You dig a hole, you put a seed or a cutting or a plant in that hole and shove the good earth around it, water if you remember, weed if you must...but sooner or later you will have something great, be it green bean, tomato, geranium, petunia or yes....lilac. So, I planted that lilac in "hopes". That was 12 years ago....and look what I have in our front yard!!!

This spring has been the best for our lilac. She is bursting with lovely highly scented bunches of blooms. She has usually put out a couple of lovely bunches of blooms, but that was, we do have at least 10 "volunteers" around the base of the mother bush! But this year, we are rejoicing. I think the fact that we cut back a huge wax myrtle that over shadowed the lilac, whatever the reason, we are thrilled! Also another bit of good garden news. We planted a white dogwood tree at least 18 years ago...the same time we planted the red bud...well Mr. Dogwood just was never happy in his spot, he tried valiently to survive against all odds, each spring he would bloom and leaf and struggle. I would give him pep talks and encourage him to do his best, we loved matter his size. And he did hang in there...until last summer, terminal something happened overnight and sadly, we were forced to cut down our sweet dogwood tree. BUT....lo and behold, we now have a dogwood offspring of our little old fellow....growing right next to our lilac! This guy looks happy and healthy and I will give him the history of how he got here and remember our brave and valient dogwood as I do!

I love this time of year as the perenials start coming out and the shrubs start blossoming...all's right with the world. I do hope you have something blooming in your yard and you rejoice.




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