Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the Lake

Hello everyone,
DH and I are headed back to the lake for this weekend. The weather forecast does not look very promising....30% chance thundershowers today, 50% tomorrow and all day on Sunday....and you are probably asking yourself "why?" It is fun for us to be in a tent when it rains....
Stuff dries fast.
We love the "get away from it all" feeling of being out at the lake.
So, I am all packed up in the "W" and Paul is meeting me out there around lunch time to help set up the tents (I will have them all put together ready to raise). He will head back to work, I will go home, get the cooler and dog and head back out until Sunday afternoon....We will set the new camp kitchen is awesome! and I will take photos...I really do enjoy doing this and so does Paul, so we are HAPPY CAMPERS.
Yep, you heard it here.....
What are your plans for the weekend? Harry Potter? BBQ? Relax? Shop? Eat?

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