Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Miss Eula Part 2

Well, we brought Miss Eula home and let her get comfortable on the sofa in our parlor...here she is sitting next to Paul as he checks his email....

Look out Paul!!! She is a barracuda...very very friendly. Think I will have to do something about her!

She is now re-located in the great room...cooling her heels

She loves to put her feet up and relax. But she is such a flirt!

Even with that big crack...she is still feeling frisky


Joyce Mineer said...

Cathy! You NEVER let the other woman move in!!!

Smooches to Miss Eula!! Ha!

Karen said...

Wow! She's too cool! I didn't catch her "scale" from your earlier photo. I just thought she was a doll on a small chair. Not to worry, Joyce - I think Cathy can handle her! See ya soon! K