Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A LOT of rainy days and homemade wine

Hello everyone,
First, let me tell you I am sick of the phrase "scattered Tstorms". We have been having that phrase in our weather forecast for the past week and it continues to pop up for the next full week!!! Rain every day. It is very green that is for sure, but not good for camping, which is what I would love to be doing this weekend. We could take our chances, and maybe it would not rain until after we got set up....but it might rain alot after we're all set up and then we would have to put it all away wet which is not good....but still....I want to get out and do something...............summer is quickly passing.
Last night was the book club. We have no name as yet. Very nice ladies. Lovely home. Adorable pets and family. Good book to discuss (The Art of Racing in the Rain). Homemade WINE. My gosh it was awesome. I had to have some cuz I am a good guest. 3 kinds. I had the merlot. All I can say is it was incredible. After 3 sips my tongue was numb (say that 3 times fast). Then, I spilled my soul....I mean I talked talked talked. Told all about my kids, their spouses, my grands, camping (in detail). Would somebody please gag me???? Oh, no, these are nice ladies. Hope they understand I am a very cheap date. I told them I would get up and dance if there was music playing....(I will be at the next bc meeting with a paper bag on my head). I don't get out much and now you know why!
It is raining AGAIN.
I am on Twitter. I don't know why. I am on Facebook. I don't know why. I have about a thousand blogs I follow daily...I think I have an internet dependancy issue. I found a wonderful pastor who is doing a series of sermons on the book of Ruth. Today his sermon actually made me hungry for crusty bread dipped in garlic-flavored olive oil from Macaroni Grill...then he actually mentioned that in the sermon!!! Hello, am I into this or not? I got out two frozen rolls, heated 'em up nice and made my olive oil dip and voila, lunch! All while I listened to the rest of the sermon. Now, don't look up to me as a pillar of sainthood...I also watched the last of the Bachelorette. I love Jillian, she is cute and dresses the best of any of them. I love to see what she will wear and she never lets me down, a class act. I also loved Ed from the very first, so I was happy with the ending, but what I had to go thru to get there...ugh, I hate to admit I even watched it, but, well, I am confessing right here.
There are no pix today, sorry, but I do have a great one to share. I know some of you are out there saying, "Bet she won't post today" so I had to write something just to surprise you....all two of you! (Karen and Joyce)


Karen said...

haha cathy!! i enjoyed your wonderful post - and we all enjoyed our visit. and we ALL enjoyed the wine!! see ya next time (and i hope that you get to go camping this weekend!) k

Marianne said...

Hey Cathy, nice to see you again last night and glad I found your blog. Thanks for the warm words and glad you enjoyed the wine! My daughter says we put the "fun" in dysfunctional!

My blog is

See you next month! Marianne

Joyce Mineer said...

Hey, there may only be two of us who follow your blog...but we're LOYAL followers and check in regularly and worry/get a little let down when you're not there! Smooches!!!

Summer Kinard said...

Sounds as though you are having a ball.

colleen said...

Homemade wine is divine! It is SO much more potent than regular wine. Which, of course, means it is so much more fun. Sounds like you had a great time!