Friday, July 10, 2009

Miss Eula

Meet my tea friend, co-worker, confidant and always smiling dear sweet Miss Eula. I bought her 9 years ago for two reasons: 1) Her name is Eula and that was my Grandmother's name and 2)she makes me smile. She has been my trademark during my whole life in tea and we have toted her to teas near and far, she was in my tea room with me, at the flea market every weekend, always positive, always cheerful, always there for me. She had been hanging out in our storage unit for some time and when I opened my little booth at the consignment shop, I thought she would enjoy being out among folks again, plus, I put a price on her and thought perhaps someone might be able to use her in their business....well, folks let me tell you....Fuquay was not nice to my Miss Eula. Someone took her false eyelashes several months back and today I had the worst shock of all...she fell and split her scull! She has a hole in her head now...right at her hairline, but her face is cracked almost in half...oh, let me tell you I was just sick! And do you know what that lady at the Brew 'n Browse did after she told me "sorry" and that she didn't have insurance and was not going to give me any money for the damage and she figured her daddy didn't see or hear anything....she wanted to give me a HUG!!! I have not been so upset in quite a while. Miss Eula is family to me. She doesen't deserve this kind of treatment....I am bringing her home, will pamper her a bit and try to make it up to her with a bit of glue, some new eyelashes and a bit of new make up. She's still smiling. I was in a bad mood, but got over it, finally. All my stuff is out of the B&B and now what??????? There's not much left of the tea business.
Some days are like this.


Summer Kinard said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your old pal Miss Eula that way. That's terrible. I hope you still have at least one cup left for consolation.

Joyce Mineer said...

Shame, shame, shame... I am so sorry to hear about Miss Eula's unfortunate accident! I'm hopeful that the emergency surgery you will be performing will have her back good as knew soon! Hey, I'm a CNA! If you need an assistant, just call!

And after her recovery, perhaps just have Miss Eula sit quietly in a comfy chair in a corner of your office - I doubt she'll disturb you in any way...