Thursday, July 9, 2009

A "good thing"

Cluttered fridge....a problem

Cork tiles....the solution

Affix adhesive squares to back of tile....(I just love the word "affix")

Back of cabinet door

Affix cork tile to afore-mentioned back of cabinet door

Voila! I use push pins to hold everything on the cork

less is definately best!
Hello everyone,
I must admit that I am a Martha Stewart fan from waaaaaaaaaaay back. I have her Entertaining book, 1st edition. She is undoutably the absolute genius of our time.....culturally speaking at least....and promotionally, marketing, branding, astute, savvy, quality-driven person of the past century and this one too! Whatever short-comings she has, and we all have them, she has become an American Icon and I salute her and enjoy the light she shines. So, here I am, doing a "Martha" way of a blog called Young House Love . You must check them out, they are so talented and charming and live up the road from here in Richmond, VA.
Hope you enjoy this little project. cheap+easy+fast sounds like a bad girl from my high school days!


Joyce Mineer said...

My friend, my friend! Two posts!! Be still my heart!!!!

I'm right there with you re: the cluttered fridge! When we were living back in VA and Brandi was still in school, you simply could not SEE our fridge for all the art work, calendars for the three of us and "to do" lists. Since the wee one married and left her Mama heart broken (ha, not really...), and we relocated to NC, my fridge has virtually been NAKED!! And I love it!! Nothing is allowed on it!! Now, if I had grands - this would be an entirely different post!!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Yes, Martha is an all around amazing woman! This is a very cute idea!