Monday, July 20, 2009

"Camping Queen"

The "Cottage"
All inside our wonderful screen room! No place like home!!!

The thrill of it all...see the hose? Makes doing dishes a snap!

Even Paul took a turn at the amazing camp kitchen sink!!!

That's the sweet lil microwave behind my smiling camping queen face! (the left lense of my over-the-counter reading glasses kept falling out all weekend...bummer. came home and glued it back it place!)

Dear folks,
(Remember the song from the BeeGees...."Dancing Queen"? well just substitute "Camping" for "Dancing" and there you have theme song!)
Back from the wilds of Raleigh, otherwise known as Lake Jordan. We had a very nice time camping out...but must admit that it is a big deal to set up and take down and if we go out on a Friday, that means just one real day to relax, then it is back to breaking up camp...too much for a couple of old folks! I like comfort when I camp and that equals....indoor/outdoor carpet, camp kitchen, screen room for cooking and relaxing, toilet, private shower, ac and comfy bed....that takes some time to set up....and to all this add....A MICROWAVE!!! Yep, I got us a cute little one at Target for just $39, how cool is that? Along with our dorm fridge, neat-o hot plate, elec. skillet, and toaster....what else could you want??? Oh, our tremendous fabulous, kitchen! I love cooking now and doing dishes is just such fun. I am the envy of all who tent camp out at the lake and folks are in total awe of our set-up....but all this takes time and patience and fortitude...which we have to have plenty of since we have decided not to go into debt to buy a camper, which would not be half as cool as out tent set-up. I did not visit the campsite shower once, yet took lovely warm showers every single night in our two-room shower tent! even washed my hair! So, all we need is an inflatable pontoon boat (do they make those?) and we will be totally set! We do have the megastation!!!
I love America!
I love the outdoors!
I love my camp kitchen!
I love my hubby for loving this stuff too

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