Thursday, November 29, 2007

A bit of Christmas whimsy

Good Thursday!

I have begun "digging" into our Christmas Decor boxes and what treasures I am finding...from year to year I always add a few special items...we have the Fontanini nativity, Old World ornaments, Snow Village and Sabuda Pop-up Books (moveable art) as our collections...then I am always on the look-out for those very special ornaments that seem to "call" to me. (don't laugh, I am very sensitive, really). I am not an HGTV decorator, or into "themes". My life is my theme, there are many things that make me smile...memories of my grandparents, accomplishments of my grandchildren, travel plans, very good tea, my sweet hubby, and watching my dog prance at the end of her leash. ALSO, my Christmas things! Martha Stewart did a very "good thing" when she marketed her wares in KMart. I have been a faithful consumer of all those items for quite a few years and have only good things to say about every item I have purchased. Sadly, each year, there are less and less of them on the shelves and I feel she is backing off and going into the Macy's venue, which is much more expensive. I did check out her Christmas decor at Macy's and bought several very nice ornaments...but they averaged $9 each..some as much as $12. Now, at KMart, her ornaments are $2.99-4.99 and something is always on sale for at least 20% the math, I prefer KMart.

My plan is to take photos of the decorating in process and share with you each day something new that is Christmas-ready. I am getting the house set for a deadline of Saturday, the 8th. Tuesday, the 11 is the Bunco everything must be ready....I would have it all done by now except ZeroRes is coming to clean carpets and sofa tomorrow....but after that Katie bar the door....I am Chrismatizing 105 Arrowhead Way Big time!!!

The musical penguins and snow man were purchased last after-Christmas sale at Hallmark's for pennies....they are just adorable and make me smile!




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missmari said...

Hi Cuz!

What wonderful pics you took of KC! Wish we could have gotten together but know the time wasn't right this time from either side. Jenny's husband was put in hospital over Thanksgiving so it was very sad for all of them. We didn't do much..Rob and I..but have prime rib for dinner with broccoli cauliflower casserole just like mother made...truly! Used my new Ronco Rotisserie Pro! It is fantastic and the best prime cooker in the world bar none! Loved all the food you showed! We love Strouds too. They have one in Wichita that we go to at times when we are visiting drs. Anyway, really enjoy your blog! Love seeing you and the family and hearing of your adventures and travels. Hope we can do some traveling together one day too. Janna wants in also! Can't wait for her move to Cape Fair MO you will love her scenic and big!.

Am anxious to start doing our Xmas decorating around here, but Rob is remodeling our powder room off the family room so it is a huge mess now. Once he finishes selling Xmas trees for the Optimists he will be back on the job of finishing what he started. Way before then I hope to have my Xmas decorating started. I have 20 Santa's and 4 Navities to put out along with everything else Xmas.

Give Paul a huge hug for me and have him give you a squeeze back from me.

Love you,