Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tea Time

Hello everyone,
Got a catalog in the mail this weekend from one of my favorite places to shop for clothing...JJill and look....they are using a tea-theme for this spring launch! I am thrilled to see two of my favorites together, kinda like match-making in a way....kinda. The front cover has doilies, which is a BIG HINT, pretty clever of them....
Inside the catalog are layouts that are very subtle but way cool, I love what they did!

Great job JJill....
Now, let's see is there anything new? Yes. Was inspired by my friend Bonnie's bedroom and decided ours looked a bit winter-ish, so headed on down to my favorite store of all....Target. Love the Shabby Chic line....bought a douvet cover and a new comfortor for our bed, really brightens up the whole room. Sarah said it didn't look too feminine...but she said the fabric-covered letters spelling the word DREAM was a bit foo foo....and I quote: "poor dad". I really don't think he minds. I asked him and he said he didn't.


Joyce Mineer said...

...oh, Paul's just secure in his "manhood" is all...plus, he doesn't have to do anything! The seasons come and go and the appropriate decorations are up and then gone - his house is a home and he probably hasn’t lifted too many fingers! Much like Michael!

Our room is getting ready to be PINK! Okay, "blush", barely any color but truly pink. But he hasn't and won't lift a finger to make it a haven, his "safe place" for a good night's - oops, I mean day's - sleep! And yes, I did ask for his input and opinion and his response was "I don't care". So, I took it and ran with it! Besides, as long as we're there with them, I think they're perfectly content...

And don't you just L-O-V-E Spring?!! It's really my favorite!

Some_myrrh said...

I love Target, too. Maybe too much.

My room is being spring cleaned right now, but Target has almost convinced me that we need that double textured sage quilt topper they keep putting on "sale" at $2 off.

I saw Debbie at church, and she said Crabtree has a new tea place. Maybe we can get together and check it out?

Thanks for this blog. It brightens my day every time I read it.