Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring Tea

Welcome to Happy Spring Tea at my house in Cary, North Carolina. This friendly bunny is full of lovely blue and white pansies shouting "Hooray for Spring!" Fiona is waiting at the door to greet you .....
And the tulip wreath just screams SPRING!

Hope you are hungry and thirsty, pick your teacup from among the spring bouquets of flowers

The table is set, Fiona is waiting....

I created a Spring Tree (see yesterday's post) in honor of the occasion. Had fun making tags, mini banners and butterflies and dragonflies too.

Another view of the spring can see out the back windows, the trees in our yard have not gotten any leaves, but our red bud is glorious....don't think I got a shot of it tho.

The table is set, the tea is made...we are having Cream Earl Grey and a lovely Peach with flowers with our first course and scones and savories. We will enjoy a Carmel Black Tea with our sweets. Our first course is a cold avocado and cucumber soup with cheese straws. Scones are cream with home made lemon curd and mock devon cream and strawberry jam. Savories are a ham and cheese tart on puff pastry, mozurella cheese roll with pancetta and basil on toasted baggette, cucumber on thin white bread, egg salad on pumpernickel rounds with tomato garnish.

The "soup" was delish

All gone

Here's Joyce and Linda and the empty chair is for YOU....Cheers!

The 3 tiers of Teatime. For sweets we have a rich chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup garnished with whipped cream and fresh raspberry, a chocolate caramel tart, mini pound cakes, and a French cookie, which I have forgotten the name of.....I am worn out and it is after midnight as I write...will remember the name and let you know, they are very good with tea.

Here's Risa's extraordinary article at our tea table! Risa is officially famous.

Everyone gets a goody bag with a teaspoon and a little flower notepad, plus I made the bags and even the "filler" is homemade.

I am pretty sure you can click on these photos to get a closer look at everything....I see Fiona got in another photo above...she is sly. We had a lovely time, thank you Risa for thinking of this great idea. I enjoyed getting together with everyone and now that I am done posting, I am going to look at everyone else's tea parties!
tts(taking tea seriously)


Mary said...

Hi Cathy - read your comment but can't find your e-mail address so here's mine where you can write me. Sounds interesting - what are you up to?

Your tea looked wonderful - a lot of work I'm sure but everything was so pretty.

GardenGoose said...

very pretty tea time. looks like you had fun.

claudja said...

Cathy Rae, What a wonderful place to visit...I felt as though I was right there sampling the good "eats." Recepies please. Like for the soup...
Thank you for the visit...Give Fiona a pat for Aunt Claudia