Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random rambling

Hello my friends,
My laptop has at least one virus....maybe many more...legion, in fact. So, I am feeling a bit pressured to do as much as I can before the monster overtakes me and the laptop just shuts down, which it as been doing on a regular basis. So, here goes. I am going to do a Hello to Spring Tea on the 20th. Tulips, violets, pansies, hyacinths (sp?), very green grass.....that's the theme...the menu will be some of my favorite tea goodies....lemon scones, curry chicken rolls, strawberry butter sandwiches, mini chocolate mousse tarts, chocolate dipped strawberries...and more to be added as I fill in some blanks....oh, feta cheese tarts! Since Risa picked the 20th, and that is a weekday, I don't know how many of my dear friends I can actually invite...but you are all cyberally invited. (is that a word?) I have decided to do another Bunco party this month too, but am waiting until after Easter and Spring break too.
In case you are wondering....this is a soft-boiled egg in a bright pink plastic egg cup. I ate it all up. It was good. I took 10 photos of this dern egg....none of which showed the entire egg, why is that? Well, so much for my contribution to phtotgraphic art!

Now, what else to say? We took two of our grands with us this weekend to Myrtle Beach. Had a lovely time with them, hope we made some good lasting memories, that is my goal. I just hope they will be talking about me 50 years from now! I love my grandparents, had some wonderful memories and will never forget them....it has been 37and 1/2 years since they passed away...just 12 days apart in June of '69. I miss them still. Memories are all we really have to take with us....go make some




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