Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Monday....

Good Monday morning,
After 4 days of rain...we are greening up quite nicely. Spring has officially sprung with the blooming of our redbud! Paul planted this tree almost 20 years ago! One of the really neat benefits of staying in a place for a while is getting to see your landscape mature. I love anything that blooms, so we have magnolias, hydrangeas, peony of all sorts, and many perenials. Our yard is a challange as it slopes in many directions...up-down-sideways-left-right...well, it is interesting. We have deer and rabbit and raccoon, so we get our stuff eaten on a regular basis too. I have several Hawthorn bushes that I have never seen bloom, they are always eaten!
A bit of our back yard taken this morning with overcast sky, rain predicted for most of the week! You can see the slope of the yard. In the foreground is an arbor and I have a wonderful climbing rose that I planted last spring that is really beginning to take hold and CLIMB, you can't see it in this photo, but I will show more of that rose later in the season. Lovely pale pink blooms that go on all summer! IF the deer don't get 'em.

One last post-Easter "deal" from Crackerbarrel no less....This "vintage" bunny was just $3 and the 8 "photo holders" (I will use they for place card holders or banner barers)...4 chicks and 4 bunnies cost $2.

This is a Johnson Brothers pattern that I love and found at Homegoods for just $9.99, can you believe it? How do they do it? I also got a lovely matching covered sugar bowl for just $4.99. I love the shape of the handle on this teapot and it is a nice size for company and I am thrilled to own it! I have about 50 or so teapots in my "collection" and they are displayed all over. I have about 100 bone china cup and saucer sets. I am ready for tea and "taking it seriously"!

This is a new addition to my tea cups, although it is not bone china, it is too sweet with the birds. Found it on sale at Anthropologie.

I saw a tulle wreath on a web site and I thought "I love it, I could make one of those!" So got the ring and 4 rolls of tulle and began tying the tulle onto the wreath....well I needed 4 more rolls to finish. 8 rolls total at 25 yards a roll! Friend Debbie helped or I would still be it is done (see below)

Grandson Zion came for a sleep-over Saturday. We had a great time eating out, going to a movie, going to church, eating the midst of all this fun he also took a bubble bath and called me in to see his gotee (sp?) His dad has one, so now so does Zion!
Gotta love those boys.
Have a great week one and all.


Karen said...

It's all so gorgeous! (Zion included) I love how everything is suddenly green. Am waiting on our redbuds, should be any day!


Some_myrrh said...

You make me smile with how you highlight the simple joys in life. Thanks for making this blog!

Mother said said...

Loved reading your information regarding the the two tea pots.
Everything interesting but that in particular.
From reading your blog I can see you have people that truly appreciate your writings.
Count me as another.
I love you and keep up the good work writing. You have a talent.
Your MOM