Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tea Prep 101

It is time to slow down and smell the roses...or daffs...or pansies...whatever...just enjoy the process. Having a tea party is all about F*U*, I am having a ball! This is what my kitchen looked like around 3:30pm today.....making sweet little pound cake in flower-shaped molds...will ice with thin powdered sugar
Below are some of the "rejects" which I will share with family on Easter Sunday ....taste good, just aren't as pretty.

I dressed the chairs in sage green pillowcases (king size), then folded over the excess and tied with ribbon and stuck in a pretty rose!

Here's my "Spring Tree"...ala Martha Stewart Christmas....I made butterflies and dragon flies with my Sizzix, then stamped tags and made little banners that say "Happy Spring"

Used more of the roses for a topper.....I like it!

Got the table almost all set, looks very pretty I think....

Happy Wednesday everyone,

I am in the throes of happy teaparty mind is racing in 10, groceries, table-ware, silverware, teapots, tea cups and saucers, 3-tier server...doilies....lemon curd....on and on...of course the mandatory home tidy-up. I am going to take a few photos, so will stop here and come back after a bit....
As you can see, I have been busy. Took lots of pictures, most will be shared tomorrow, hope you can "join" us for tea...1pm eastern time.

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