Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post Easter catch-up

Family gathering around the chips and dip
Matt and Jacki getting the buffet all set

A "traditional" Easter meal of enchiladas, tacos, rice and fixins

Of course, the traditional SpongeBob pi~nata Here is Zion taking a swing

Some of the tots lined up for their turns

That is not "ketchup".....

What a lovely day Easter Sunday! The weather was totally perfect, a bit cooler than Saturday, but warm and sunny. Paul and I went to church, then home to make tons of enchiladas and out to the Fuquay family festivities! Matt and Jacki have a large home with lots of room, which is good because not only did they invite our whole family...which, including them totals 15, but they invited several other families and friends bringing the total to over 30....they did a great job. Now it is back to just living, but spring is here, Paul mowed the lawn on Saturday for the first time. He also did some "patch" grass seeding as we had some bad spots due to the house being empty while they repaired it after our fire. A port-a-john sat on our front lawn for 8 months...what a big mess that left! We also had tons of ants and ant hills. But now, after 3 years....icannotbelieveithasbeen3years!!!......no more ant hills and the yard is slowly coming around. I am home puttering today, it is nice to just tie up loose ends and enjoy our house. We have tried to sell this house and for some reason, it didn't sell. I can tell you now, I am glad. I love this place and am attached to it. I would have moved on, if that was the case, but just as content to stay put. I do have some projects to work on, that is for another post.
Here's a great spring banner I found after my spring tea....but it is ok, it looks nice now too. Oh, see the painting on the mantle? I just propped it up there to see how it looks and guess what. I got it at the Dollar Tree! yep....one buck.





Karen said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. And maybe spring has really sprung!

claudja said...

Your Sis XX