Wednesday, March 5, 2008

winsome Wednesday

Hello friends,
A bit melancholy as my man Mike is out of the race for real. Ah well.
I am thrilled to be participating in a Spring Tea with the very famous Risa a woman whose talents, creativity, energy and style I admire greatly. She is all the way out on the "other" coast....way across an entire continent, but through the miracle of the Internet I discovered her! I am not-so-famous, but it is very cool to be able to vicariously attend her events and "visit" with her on her blog! So I am planning a big/intimate tea.....let's see....the menu...the guests...the theme...the location....lots to plan! BUT FIRST.........................I have to do some much needed yard work. Yesterday I bought a good rake and lots of pansies. Rake first, plant second. When I was a girl, my family lived in a very neat old house in the middle of Kansas City, MO. There were two glass green houses on our property which my grandmother Beulah operated and the whole side yard was filled with wonderful perennials. East Side Gardens was the name of the business. we grew bedding plants in the greenhouses....tomatoes, geraniums, pansies, petunias, marigolds.....from seed. All of us worked in some fashion or another on the planting of those millions of seeds either by making the tar paper pots, using a dibble board to make the holes for the seeds, mixing the potting mix, filling the flats, pounding the potting medium down flat and even with one board....watering, fertilizing....lots and lots to do. The week before Easter, my Sunday School Teacher would come to the garden, buy a flat of pansies and take them home, re pot into individual containers and on Easter Sunday, give each of us girls in her class a pretty pansy to take home....I loved getting that pansy.
One spring evening brought a very powerful storm to our area (Kansas City is very familiar with high winds and violent tornadoes) this storm also brought golf ball size hail, which broke or damaged every single pane of glass in both greenhouses and that broken glass, in turn, broke or damaged almost our entire spring seedling inventory. Within 10 minutes, all that work, all that money, all that time.........lost. But the memories, forever in our hearts.


Leigh Ann said...

What wonderful memories for you! We always received geraniums from our church on Easter and I still remember that, too.

I'm so glad you liked the Mary Kay books. I saw Deep Dish at barnes and Noble on Friday. I wish I had purchased that instead of the Kinsella. Oh well. My mom is going to get DD and send it along once she is done.

Cheers! LA

missmari said...

Dear Cuz, How I remember your "green houses". I remember going into them and the wonderful smells of everything beautiful, earthy and loamy. We had great fun at your home there. I remember your mom's "lounge" chair. We have a ton of wonderful memories to keep us warm through our (getting there quicker than preferred) golden years. Janna was here for a week and we had a wonderful time remembering everything and everyone. Especially our cousins and all the fun we had together.

claudja said...

Dear Sis, I was there also and remember how sad the distruction of the green houses left us. It never was the same again...everyone, grandparents, kids on the block, cousins spent time there...What an opportunity for memories...Love you and all the memories we have together.
Your Sis...XX