Monday, July 21, 2008

After then Before....

Above is a photo taken this morning...just one month after Paul's surgery on his Right foot!
Here's the "before" shot taken on June 21st
What a difference a month makes. Feet are not very pretty, and we don't spend alot of time gazing upon them....usually, but in our house, lately, we have been obcessed with feet, Paul's in particular. Now, we have noticed that his big toes are different, one is longer than the other, we have noticed also that his feet are extremely dry too. I'll be honest, I have not spent alot of time wondering if Paul was putting lotion on his feet, it just never occurred to me to think of that. Anyway, Paul has a new appreciation of his feet and I am thankful that all went well as we do need our feet, that's for sure! Oh, Paul just reminded me I forgot to mention the "callous" (actually, there were two of them...they are all but gone!) There, they have been mentioned!
Here's hoping you have happy feet!

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