Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Our first Better Boy tomato!!! We will be eating this beauty later today, but had to share how lovely it is...hope it tastes as good as it looks! We have lots of other produce and so far, everything is delish. Finally acquired enough snap beans to cook up, they are buttery and fresh and sooooo good. Our cucumbers are delicate and flavorful and the squash, both yellow and green, are full of flavor and taste. What can I say? I am overwhelmed with satisfaction from our meager efforts in food gardening. Our raised beds are working very well. We have several lizzards making the garden their home, and a huge yellow and black spider...they are all working on keeping our garden free from bad bugs! So far, they are succeeding. The birds are at work too. Some failures are our beet crop, they never came up at all, our radish harvest was disapointing and carrots didn't show either. Tomatoes, squash, green beans and cucumbers all have been roaring successes...I am content. Already planning next year to do some early crops of lettuce, spinach and onions...How are your crops growing?

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Joyce Mineer said...

Congratulations on your blessed event! I am envious...although I have not right to be since I planted nothing! However, we are benfitting from our neighbors overgrowth of goodies - tomatoes, squash and cucumbers abound! One of the best parts of summer, wouldn't you agree?
I think you're off on a camping excursion effective today? If so, be safe, take lots of great pics and fill us in upon your return!
Thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you soon!