Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just past MidSummer

Good Wednesday morning friends!
I have been checking in on some of my favorite blogs, people who inspire and delight, and I am so thankful for this new opportunity to connect with people.

I am definately a people person. I enjoy people-watching, I love to hear their stories and listen to their lives. I love to make them comfortable, feed them and make them laugh if I can.....Anyway, blogs are a great way to touch others in many ways, altho feeding them is hard to do....maybe recipes and photos of good food is a way???? So, thanks to all you who take the time to share a bit of yourself through a blog, you are my hero (is it heros or heroes? I am a terrible speller!)
I want to see Kit I too old? I love anything American Girl. Years ago, when I was librarian in a small private school, American Girl was owned by Pleasant.....can't think of her last name, but love that first name! (thought of it! Rowlings) Anyway, they would send their dolls (there were just 4 at the time) along with their accessories and tons of neat free give aways to libraries for a week. I did an American Girl week and we culminated the whole week with a tea on Friday! It was that I have 6 granddaughters I have established a time table for their ages to receive their 4 they get the Bitty Baby, at 6 they get their American Girl doll! Breana got one of the first just like me ones with blond hair and blue eyes....just like B!, Camryn got Kit!, Jazmine got Felicity, and Izabella got Samantha.....Olivia turned 4 this year and got her Bitty Baby and now just Sophia is left. I have been to American Girl place in NYC for tea!!! it was perfect. The noise level is rather high as the entire 4 story building is busting out with little and big girls all chattering at once..such a happy place to be tho....would love to take any or all of my grands for tea some time....Atlanta has a smaller version of American Girl place, maybe......
Oh, I have my very own Bitty Baby and also Kirsten and Samantha's friend....oh I forgot her name...she is adorable with honey colored hair and freckles....I don't think you ever outgrow your love of dolls and doll things, do you? Would love to get Molly as that is closer to my age....I am a boomer, post war baby....but had many of the same accessories as Molly such as desk at school and camp stuff....I would also love Kit and Ruthie.....oh, I need a job!!! For just a bit over $200 I could own both of them and ALL THEIR ACCESSORIES. Well, not all, just their hankies and purses, but it is a start....only $200........hey, that tree house is something and it is $250, but I have seen it and it is huge and ultra I getting carried away? yes, I am.
It is almost 9, I must walk my friend Fiona before the heat starts off I go...did I mention that American Girls has its very own Fiona-type pup called Coconut??? A westie for pete's sake!!!

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Amanda Chamberlain said...

Hi Cathy,
I think you should do an SOS blog - leading us to simplicity through cyberspace. You would make such an excellent blog teacher. I have so many friends who are in desperate need. What do you think?

Love from you tea-loving neighbor,