Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Thoughts

Good Wednesday morning friends,
Two thoughts:
1) My friend Joyce said something on her blog that really was profound...something a bit like this: "all the things that made summer so appealing like watering my garden, walking the dog, mowing the lawn are not that much fun anymore in the dog days of summer" Now, that is really not a quote, but it is profound and oh so true....I am ready for autumn, which in NC doesen't really show up until late Sept., but still the feel comes into the air and we begin to cool down a bit container plants are struggling, my garden is withering (but FULL OF TOMATOES), my lawn is either weeds or brown grass and it is too hot. Michael's already has out their great fake pumpkins and gourds plus orange everywhere.....Homegoods also is beginning to fill up with great decorating do dads for fall and of course Target is full swing. Little wonder I am feeling the urge to just whizz past August and head straight for September.....especially since it is my birth month and I will be hitting a milestone age-wise....and it isn't 40!
2) I am moving on....have committed to getting rid of my tea shop "stuff" that has been in storage for over 3 years now.....I will get a space at the weekend flea market in Raleigh and set up shop, hopefully selling tons of stuff and then downsize my storage unit by half.....that is a big deal for me, but no longer am I waiting for someone to come to me with tons of money and want me to open a tea room using all this great ...."stuff"!!! Not going to happen. Get over it. I was blessed beyond measure with the shop in Durham and for that I will be eternally greatful to a God who loves even me. Now, He wants to do something else with me, so I am moving on.
So, that's it, two thoughts from me. Hope you are keeping cool wherever you are and that you are also looking forward to a wonderful autumn.

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