Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is one great magazine! Got it at Target, looks alot like RealSimple, but less pages and LESS ADVERTISING and the advertising is all about organization or organizational-type stuff!!! I love every single article and all the neat web sites and info, well, I will be subscribing and hoping this becomes the "Victoria" of the "simple-life set". And speaking of simple, I am totally on the Christmas bandwagon....or I should say I am "off the wagon". Have been picking up wonderful little Christmasey items here and there. IT MUST STOP. Tomorrow I am staying home all day. I have lots to do.
We had a "scare". Our house has been on the market since well...June....not a serious looker in all these months, plus, this is the second year we have had the house on the market...anyway, we have decided to leave it on until it sells...but it is kinda hard to be in the moving mode when things just don't seem to be happening. We don't have to move, and our price is fair, and we would negotiate if someone would only make us an offer.............so anyway a couple of weeks ago our agent called to say the folks we came to look twice were very seriously considering an offer. WHAT, MOVE, WOW....LOTS TO THINK ABOUT REALLY FAST. it didn't happen.... Selling a house is not that easy, at least for us it isn't. Well, I like my house, so it is fine with me to stay. Ttfn

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