Monday, November 5, 2007


My situation on Thursday was....I had $5 to spend...could only get one of these fab mags that which did I choose????? Groundbreaking ORGANIZE a brand new magazine after my heart of simplicity and passion for organization.....or Victoria, the ultimate comeback? Which do you think I chose? Please guess and I will tell you next posting!

Here's the good news, I went back on Friday and bought the other I didn't wait too long. I have enjoyed ORGANIZE tremendously...lots and lots of good articles, photos, ideas and more....with a lot less advertising...I mean, these big magazines have a huge ad on every other page, it can be anoying to say the least.

Friday was also the big Holiday Open House at one of my favorite places to browse and just enjoy the beauty of it all.....a local garden center that certainly has the skill to market their products to the fullest in such unique and clever ways. Their Christmas events are least 30 huge trees decorated over the top, just makes your mouth fall open in awe! really....right here in little 'ol Cary, NC too! They did a wine and hor d'oerves (sp?) on Friday. I went early to shop before having a glass of merlot....good thing too. I bought some great Christmas ornaments and decor....will show the photos next posting! Hope everyone is having a great week so far....It has turned cool and seasonally appropriate! hooray. I am going to be going to Knoxville, TN for a tea event with Lord Wedgewood this month! Going all on my own, so this will be an adventure for sure. Then Paul and I are driving to KC for Thanksgiving with my family. So, there's lots of good stuff to look forward to this month!
Keep warm. Guess which magazine I bought first.

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