Friday, November 16, 2007

There and Back Again!

Roadside colors were spectacular! I took this as I was crusing in my upgraded rental car...Chrysler Sebring. A very nice auto, if I must say.
View of Pilot Mountain, taken again, as I was driving, not too bad, huh? Andy of Mayberry fame made Pilot Mountain a star.

A bit closer to the mountain, it is very pretty, but you can see it getting cloudier. Began to rain, lots of fog and very dark. Not the best for photos or driving.

Of course, this is the only shot of the event that I took. It was very nice...but lots of mishaps along the way.
Good morning friends! My trip to Knoxville was a success in that I got there AND back here all in one piece and none the better (or worse) for wear! I DID IT! Got the rental car, made it to Knoxville with no problems,(my rental car had Sirius radio...on the Martha channel all the way....except I did not enjoy her daughter's radio program, very un-couth and R rated) found the motel and got settled in my room (HGTV non-stop), got some dinner and back to the room to get a call from the Belk folks saying Lord W was in the hospital and not able to be at the event!!! He is fine, just exaughsted, so a woman from Chicago with Wedgewood china came to do the event in his place. OK, all went very well, Colleen and I did fine and the tea was great and the food was yummy, so, I think they were pleased. The turnout was very poor tho. So, sorry, no photos of me and "the Lord". Maybe in the spring......


Joyce Mineer said...

I'm so glad you got there and back safely and enjoyed the Sebring and Sirius radio along the way! Not a bad perk! I'm sorry, however, that the event was not as successful as you'd hoped. I'm sure that you made the lemonade, though, and that you'll consider doing it again if and when the opportunity comes your way! Oh, and the pictures were great!

missmari said...

Hi cuz, sure beautiful pictures! We are really enjoying the cooler weather here in KS. Hoping to see you while you are back here over Thanksgiving. Forgot how long you will be here. We have been very busy redoing bathrooms and while Rob has done that, I have been disposing of "stuff"! Hahahaha A long way to go as yet but it is getting done.

I am not as ready for the Holiday season yet. But will be once we get Thanksgiving over with. I am "in fall" now.

Again, great photo's and sorry your Lord W did not make it to Knoxville.