Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is the Garden Supply which is transformed into an over-the-top gorgeous Christmas wonderland every year! I love this place, it is great fun just to browse....

See what I mean? Click on this photo for a close-up...it is the first thing you see when you walk in the door!

My friend Joyce is giving her Christmas wish list to this cute elf!

And Linda is having a chat with Santa!

Joyce's Mom was with us for our afternoon and she poses with Joyce and Linda...I am always taking the pictures, we did take one of me, but somehow it didn't make it into my camera (Linda? you have one in yours tho, right?)
So, our day was supposed to be perfect and it was for friendship and such, but we waited an hour for our lunch to be served....and it was just ok....then after the Garden Supply, we decided to go to a tea room in the next town, Apex, and have a cup of tea...well, the owner asked us not to sit at the tables...our tea had to be "to go" literally! I have never been so caught off guard, I couldn't believe it. There were several tables with chairs and no one else in the whole place except us! We were all ticked off and left immediately.....never again will I go there!
Since I owned a tea shop and have been in the tea business in some form or another for over 6 years, I cannot see how that shop stays in business! Tea is a hospitable drink, a friendly, inviting, thoughtful-type of pass-time. Luckily, we all had the pleasure of our company and decided we didn't need to spend our time or money in that place.
Definately a tea experience I will remember, but not fondly!

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