Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Teapot purchased at Halls in Crown Center, isn't he a cutie?

And isn't she angelic?

These snowmen certainly do love sledding...the second one I have this season with a sled!

Two great trees!

All my KC goodies together

Click on the photo to read the sign

A "wedding cake" style Victorian in Independance, MO home of Harry Truman

Very impressive home

We were given a warm welcome and the deluxe tour of the mansion!

Upside down tree copied from Queen Victoria who had a chandelier taken down during Christmas and a tree hung in its place with the glass beads hung on the tree and candles lit on the branches.

A bit of Christmas cheer recorded at the Crown Center. The tree is the Mayor's Christmas tree in Kansas City. The fellow in the video is my husband, Paul, who is a great sportxxxooo!
So, now I think I have caught you up with all my KC doings. It was a fun trip and a great home town! Folks are friendly and there's lots to do and see and much good eats too. I left KC in 1966, but it will always be my home town, no matter where I am. I do regret not getting to see more family while in town, but three days is not alot of time and with Thanksgiving in the middle, well, everyone has plans and so we just did a little of this and that on our own. We will be back again soon I am sure.

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