Wednesday, November 28, 2007

KC Thanksgiving

The Liberty Memorial in Kansas City

View of Kansas City, Missouri from the Liberty Memorial Tower

We had a good time shopping here...will show my Christmas decor was a good outting!

My sister, Claudia, who takes many of these photos...that is a huge piece of fried chicken...done the best in the U.S. at this place....

Paul is not a KC native, but he knows good fried chicken and since it has been 10 years from his last visit...he remembered STROUDS and requested dinner there....

Hungry, but patiently waiting....Tricia, our niece, Paul and festive Christmas only sweater!

Family-style and better than gooooooood!

We eat

and eat

All done....

After dinner we walked it off on the Country Club Plaza which is lighted-up for Christmas in a big way. Lots of activity, happy folks, beautiful decorations, so very nostalgic for me as I always loved a walk around the plaza at Christmas. There was a full moon that night too. Wish I could have gotten better photos of the area, but you can get an idea. It is just lovely.

Took two full days of driving to get to KC, but we had a wonderful time with family. No leaves left on the trees in KC area. When we got back to NC, most of the leaves had fallen while we were gone! But, still some remain and are breath-takingly beautiful. It snowed in KC while we were there...I have a photo to prove it!

We took 4 days to travel for 3 days of visit...maybe we will fly next time.....................




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