Friday, August 1, 2008


(cookie jar "cupcake" in honor of birthday month )


This is "birthday month" in my family. Dad, Uncle, Sister, Brother, Husband, 1st born, and ME. But, this year is a big one for me....I will hit a decade mark I never dreamed I would be....don't know what I was thinking, that I would just stay on hold??? Nope, time stands still for no one and it marched me right up to the very ominous six-oh....arrp, senior, golden, just plain OLD and good for nuttin. Dear me, I am getting melodramatic in my "old age". Decline in my future. To say I am in a slight funk would be putting it mildly. So, have decided to throw caution to the wind and party every single day of this month doing what I want and when I want and who cares?????????????????

I started early....yesterday I ordered the Kit doll for ME. I really wanted to get Ruthie too, but had to show some caution....Today I ordered Kit's washday set and another sweet little dress for her to wear. I know you are thinking this sounds very frivilous, and it is, humor me....I am getting on in years and don't have much time left.

I am putting together my proposal for a class at the Tea Expo next May. That is a goal I have set. I would love to present a seminar session there and so am taking the first steps. I will let you know if I get chosen. The deadline for submitting proposals is August 22 I believe, so I have plenty of time to fine tune the outline....I had lots of thoughts rolling around in my head and then suddenly they all came together and in 5 min. I had my outline! If I get selected, I will let you know what it is going to be about, it is clever, IMHO!

Oh, I did go to the Kit Kittredge movie and it was wonderful.
oh, I added the cookie jar cupcake to set the "mood" for a birthday month ....
Now, off to walk friend Fiona, hit the grocery stores, and try to keep cool....a challenge in August in NC


Carrie Anne said...

Happy Birthday Month!!!! Which day is your b-day?? (It's kind of a b-day month in our family too:)).

Carrie Anne

Cathy said...

August 31 is my official B that means a total month of gift-os!