Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day Six

Good Wednesday morning friends,

I have to be honest here, day five did not turn out the way I Mexican food or B&N...stayed home all day. Good news $$$ was spent. So no big deal. Sorry to report a ZERO on the birthday-meter.

Today, I had high hopes, but they might not pan out either, so, I will not say in advance what my plans are for celebrating. Keep you in suspence.

I am slowly moving towards preparations for my big sale at the fairgrounds flea market in Sept. Making tags for pricing things. I am also going to make my annual physical appointment today. (yuck) The tags are fun to do, I have a die cut machine with a tag and I use card stock. I have a great clock/watch stamp and I write Tea it is cutsie and clever. It has been so hot here, and my ac in the car is broken, so getting out during the day really has little appeal to me. If I cannot get out and done by noon, I just say "no thanks". It is a solution to the heat that I can live with for now.
I decided to add the photo of my "china pantry". This photo may have been seen before, can't remember, but it is worth another I really need any more not really....! I do have a hutch full of my "best" china...Lenox and a bit of Royal Albert....not the everyday stuff, but oh so lovely...also included is our Christmas china from Lenox as well. I will take a picture of that...maybe I have one already..but not with the doors open so you can see! When I am gone, someone will be getting one heck of a deal on some great china!
On that note, I guess I will be "gone" for now....

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