Monday, August 11, 2008


Nothing is wrong with our friend Fiona
Fiona is very photogenic

She has some friends of her own!

Hi Friends,
I know this world is full of tragedies, sadness, pain and sorrow. I am on a prayer team for my church and daily get requests for prayer that make my heart break and would not for the world equate my present sadness with any of the above...but...our little yellow parakeet Peep passed away quietly last night. She was with us for 8 years and a good little friend she will be missed by both Paul and I and her companion Sweet Bird. Doubt if Fiona will mind she's gone... Why is it we humans get so attached to these little animals and they make such an impact on us? We had a hedgehog...Mr. Prickles...he was a fine fellow and a great hit at the library. He got cancer and we had to have him put to sad too. Then our dear dog Blarney was 17 and slowly fading and in pain and he went to the vets too...we cried for weeks....still miss Blarney. Paul did not want to get another dog for just that reason, but after waiting 5 years, I just had to over-ride him and we got our friend Fiona....she is dear to us and just the thought of her not being around sends us into orbit....are we nuts?
Cannot for the life of me find our photos of the birds....just think "yellow parakeet" and you will "see" Peep. But, did find some cute photos of Fiona.
No birthday fun today....


Joyce Mineer said...

My heart hurts for you this morning my friend... No doubt you know how much our "pets" mean to Mike and me and for that very reason we share your pain. I think the Bible makes reference to our pets not being with us in heaven but rather waiting just outside the gate...I'm prayerful that's not true and that they, just like our human loved ones, will be waiting for us with wagging tails, a soft purr or a cheerful peep... You're closer to my heart today.

Carrie Anne said...

Hugs to you, Cathy. I'm so sorry to hear about Peep. Animals grace our lives with their joy for such a short time, but the sadness is worth it for the joy they bring us while we get to share our lives with them.

Carrie Anne