Friday, August 15, 2008

Ides of August! Day 15

Anatomy of a Family
The Wrights
circa 1950s
starting left and going around the table:
Marie(Wright), Jack, Shirley(dtr of Marie) Pittman, Phyllis(Mimran)Brown(my mother, dtr of Eula), Elaine(Picard, dtr of Marie), Dewey Wade(husband to Marie), Eula Mimran(sister to Marie, mother to Phyllis, grandmother to ME), Annie Gardner(sister to Marie and Eula), Tub and Betty Holcum (dtr to Marie, sister to Elaine and Shirley), Kathryn and Napoleon Boudreau(sister to Maire, Eula and Annie) I think my grandfather, Ray, took the photo, he is the only one missing except for my father, Walter Brown. All are past except for Shirley and Phyllis....
Good Friday Friends!
Day 14 was great! I discovered a shop that sells Amy Butler fabric and patterns...I am a huge fan of Amy Butler a very talented young woman indeed. I bought a purse pattern and fabric to make one...bought most of the notions across the street at Walmart...the best prices on fabric and notions around! Now, all I have to do is make a purse, which should not be very hard. Hopefully, this will be another gift on my Christmas list.
Today, we are preparing for our camping weekend...again to Lake Jordan. This weekend is just the dh and myself so it should be rather quiet and restful. I am off to get a few last min. grocery items and ice.
Hope your weekend plans are also restful. See you probably Monday


Joyce Mineer said...

Did you see me, did you see me??? I hollered and waved and carried on like Sara boo-boo when I passed you and your DH Paul in your two car caravan on 64 Friday evening! I was heading home from the airport and saw a little black bug and immediately thought of you. And than I thought, wouldn't that be funny if that were Cathy in that bug...but why would Cathy be way out here on 64? Wait, Jordon Lake. Camping! It could - just - be - my - bud....IT IS!!!!!! Besides seeing you carefully behind the wheel in your baseball cap, it was confirmed when I passed the little red pick up...put-putting along...slightly holding up traffic!!! I laughed out loud as I waved! I hope the two of you had a WONDERFUL time and that days 15, 16 and 17 of your birthday month were memorable.

Cathy said...

Hi back Joyce!!! You have a confirmed sighting of two old coots...I followed him all the way out to the lake trying to be a good little wife, but really, he goes so slow!!! I passed him before the bridge and then waited at the entrance to Panther Creek. Sorry, but whenever I hear someone honking I figure they are just frustrated with Paul...tee hee....we did have a good time and practiced loading the W for our week long "vacation" camping in the mountains......