Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 4 of Birthday Month

Good Monday friends,
So, here we sit... on my Aunt Marie's lap (Tina's grandmother)...notice our hair is different, our dresses and shoes are different...but Tina still has that purse! She was always into fashion! Love the chair. Wonder what Marie is saying to us, we look comfy and I look happy, Tina has a bit of a wary expression...maybe I might try to grab that purse! I believe that chair is covered in a bark!
60 years ago my mom was pretty uncomfortable...big and pregnant for the first time and in the very hot month of August...and little did she know, she would have to wait the entire month to get some relief! Then, she followed up with two more babies born in August as well! Those days no one had AC...everyone was equally uncomfortable...altho those ladies who were pg were a bit more uncomfortable than most! The post war boomers were making their appearances in the thousands....I was just one of many. My mother named me Cathy...not Cathleen, or Kathryn, just make it simple. I like the name but it seems a girl's name...maybe that is why I feel like a girl still, not quite grown-up. My middle name is Rae, so is hers...we are named after my grandfather Ray Mimran. That made me proud to have my Mom's name and my grandpa's. My sister is Claudia...what a glamorous name...I love that name and she got my grandma's middle name "Grace". Such a pretty name. Names are so interesting to me. I love to hear the stories of how people got their names, some are very interesting. I went to high school with a fellow who had a little sister named Ethel Ora....after each of her grandmothers...poor child. If I had been named after grandmothers I would have been Eula Beulah....what a hoot! Oh to be able to hug my grandmother just once more.......
Now I am off to find me a day 4 birthday goodie of some sort!!!

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Joyce Mineer said...

La la la la la la la... Happy day 4 of birth month to you, happy day 4 of birth month to you, happy day 4 of birth month dear Cathy Rae, happy day 4 of birth month to you!!!

I'm digging this entire birth month thing...I'm going to suggest it to my family when the time's right - wish me luck!

Hope you found just the perfect little surcee for day 4...