Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 9-10

Hello Friends,

I really did try to post this earlier...before we headed out on a spur of the moment camping weekend....but blogger was not taking anything...a real glitch. I couldn't even save the post... I just checked...and the post was saved...not all of it, but at least it shows I was making an effort.
We had a wonderful time. It rained this morning, but that was nice and cozy and we were under a nice tent having our coffee (them) and tea (me) so we were snug as bugs in a rug. But, when it comes time to clear out and go home, what alot of work...both Paul and I are wiped out.
Above is a photo of my dollies. I don't really play dolls, but I do enjoy them and so I have a bit of a collection going. Left to right in chairs we have Kirsten, then Nellie and Kit... in front of Kirsten is Eloise and there's Bitty Baby in front of Nellie who is next to Woody from Toy Story (love that guy and have a grandson named Woody too so the name is very special to me!) and then I have a couple of Steiff cat puppets (probably worth the most of anything I have) and then in the other basket is a couple of Madame Alexander dolls from McDonalds. I need a brunette...either Ruthie or Molly can't decide....
So day 9 and 10 were spent enjoying the beauties of nature and appreciating all 5 sences and thanking God for His wonderful creation.
See you on Day 11!

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