Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 5...I believe...

Here I am sitting on Santa's Lap, is that a poodle skirt??? I am a true believer...in lots of things...
1) I believe God
2) I believe my hubby
3) I believe my mom
4) I believe in good
5) I believe there's bad
6) I believe Santa (and he knows who has been good or bad!)
So there!!!
Not to be flip, or anything, but I am not trying to answer some universal question here...this is a fun blog most of the time and it is my BIRTHMONTH CELEBRATION, for Pete's sake!
Yesterday, Day 4, was ok, I found a really cute little over-the-door hanger that is white and where the hook is there is a rose...so it is sweet...that was less than $10, so a nice treat....
Today, I am going to eat Mexican food at On the Border my favorite place to eat and then I will browse Barnes and Noble....that's my treat for day cinco.
I hope you are enjoying the month of August as much as I am enjoying the month of August!
I have all the words down for my proposal to speak at the World Tea Expo...now I just have to put them in order and make it flow and then I will send it off to be considered and ask you to keep your fingers crossed. There is not much money in this, but a bit of prestige and opening of doors for networking, so I am hoping I will be considered.
Have a wonderful day

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Joyce Mineer said...

mmm...Mexican... pass the salsa please!