Saturday, August 2, 2008


Bet you wonder why I call this blog "Taking tea seriously"...well, I do...take it....seriously! And I think that it is a clever play on words, and I just like the way it sounds.

I am a tea snob, I confess. When I consult I always tell the client that info. You do not have to treat tea the way I do, it is a free country and if you pay my consulting fee and decide not to follow my be it, is a free country! I know alot of tea places that harrass and assalt their tea, but folks love the place and they do great business...bottom line is, make money. I respect tea. I buy very good tea and want to make it the best way I know how, so that is just my humble opinion. I feel, if I make tea correctly, folks will begin to acquire a "taste" for good tea and then they are hooked! See, I am also a teavangelist!
The first picture above is of a small "tea tray" for afternoon tea. Included were assorted tea sandwiches, scones, fresh fruit and tea cakes. and a photo of a tea table set for afternoon tea.
When making tea with loose leaf tea, measure your teapot to see how much liquid it holds...16oz is 2 cups, 48oz is 6 cups....that is 8oz. cups, not teacups which normally measure 6oz. For every 8oz cup measure 1tsp loose leaf tea. 3tsp equal 1 TBS. So if your pot is 48oz, measure 2TBS of loose tea into a tea filter. I favor tea filters as there is plenty of room for the tea to expand as it steeps....(btw:tea brews) set measured tea filter aside, bring freshly drawn water (tap is ok, if the water tastes good...if not, use filtered water) to a boil, warm tea pot using very hot tap water, swirl the pot so the water moves all around the pot, pour filled tea filter in teapot, add the boiling water* to cover the tea, place the lid on and time the steeping....3-5 min. for black tea, 2-4 min for greens and whites, depending on taste preference. After steeping, remove tea filter, squeeze, stir the pot to incorporate the tea liquor into the water, replace the lid, add a drip catcher and cover with a cozy and serve!!!
Any questions?
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Cathy said...

The boiling water is just for BLACK teas....greens, whites, oolongs all take cooler temps. Forgive me if I confused you!